Wine drinking in Spain.

The consumption of wine in Spain continues to grow, while that of spirits and fruit juices is falling, according to a Nielsen report stating that wine sales have increased by 3%. It seems that wine is in fashion. The general belief is that the price of wine has also continued to increase, and this belief is becoming ever more in fashion; a fashion which has always been present, since during the 70s and 80s the consumption of wine in Spain exceeded 70 litres per person per year. We have all seen our parents and grandparents drinking wine with their daily meals.

Drinking wine with meals means that 6 out of 10 people prefer it to other drinks or refreshments, thanks to its beneficial digestive properties.

All of these special qualities which wine possesses, means that as well as being a constant part of the Spanish table set it is also becoming more frequent in other places, such as the USA, Germany, China, and many others.