The best produce from the best place

The best produce from the best place. Due to its climate and rich soil, Spain is the perfect place to cultivate basic culinary ingredients. Therefore, Francisco de la Fuente has the inestimable honour of presenting its prize-winning products: Aristoi, a red wine from Ribera de Duero; and Valle de Olid, an extra-virgin olive oil. The grapes from which these products are extracted are picked in Lucena, in Cordova.

Francisco de la Fuente is head of a large family committed to offering the best quality, with prices valued for the pockets of ordinary people. Despite being situated in excellent land allowing for the extraction of superb fruit, one of the golden rules practiced by our brand is to be objective with ourselves in order to offer a premium, yet attainable, product. So much so, that if we cannot guarantee to offer an excellent product at any moment, we are the first to notice it and will not put it on the market, exemplified by the case of the 2007 crop, which failed to pass our own rigorous quality controls.

We want you to have a high expectation of your food, to be able to give elegant banquets, to be the denizen of taste and to be able to share magic moments with the people who surround you. For this to happen, remember that a brand that offers guarantees is a brand that works for you with a real name: this name is Francisco de la Fuente.

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