Privacy policy

I.- Privacy

At Francisco de la Fuente we are especially conscious of keeping the information provided by our visitors strictly confidential.

We have designed this website in a manner through which, in general, it can be browsed without the need for identification or the submission of any personal information.

In the case of a user supplying any information of an intimate nature, such information will be kept according to and under the limitations of the “Ley Orgánica 15/1999”, which protects personal information under Spanish Law. Such information will be kept in the personal data files, for which the brand Francisco de la Fuente is held responsible, and which will be treated as strictly confidential.

By providing personal information, users unequivocally consent to such information being kept in the aforementioned data files, which may contain sensitive personal information, for which the brand Francisco de la Fuente is held responsible, as privately as the data which may be held concerning the brand itself, with the sole intent of the brand Francisco de la Fuente using such data for commercial purposes, for customer relations, operations, statistics and/or activities relating to the social objectives of the brand.

The brand Francisco de la Fuente will proceed to eliminate such information when it ceases to be necessary o pertinent to the aforementioned intent of the brand

In the case of any user information being used for any purpose other than those stated above, a legal form of consent will be required by all interested parties.

The brand Francisco de la Fuente has adopted the necessary technical and organisational measures in order to guarantee the security and integrity of such information, to avoid its alteration, loss, unauthorised treatment or access, to guarantee that in no way will such information be passed, hired or sold, unless it is given via the above authorisation or in accordance with Spanish Law or any such comparative authority.

II.- User Rights

Users whose information may be treated with the above measures may freely exercise their right to access, oppose, rectify, delete or revoke their authorization without retroactive effect in the terms set out by the “Ley Orgánica 15/1999”, which protects personal information under Spanish Law, according to the established legal procedure. Claims to these rights should be requested in writing, indicating the necessary change or modification and reasons for such, to the email address or the base of operations of the brand Francisco de la Fuente.

When any personal information is collected, it will be stated whether such information is voluntary or obligatory. It is expected that any information classified as obligatory will not be loaned to any third party, nor will any other part be able to access such information. Likewise, any information classified as voluntary may b loaned to third parties with the sole objective of optimising the services offered by the brand.

Users must fill out all and any forms with truthful, exact, complete and current information. In the case of any false, inexact, incomplete and outdated information being submitted, the user will be held as solely responsible for and damage or danger caused to the brand or personnel of the brand Francisco de la Fuente or to any third party..

Where hard copies of documents or information may be sent by post, in relation to a position of work, the sender expressly consents to the brand Francisco de la Fuente treating such details with the objective of considering the proposed candidacy of application, as well as preserving them with a view to future positions in which the profile may suit those of the sender. In any case, the brand Francisco de la Fuente will treat such information with the maximum of confidentiality.

In the case of there being any consultations or suggestions being made in relation to a position of work, through the existing processes, any information will be exclusively used to respond to such matters only.

III.- Modification

The brand Francisco de la Fuente reserves the right to modify its data protection policy in accordance with its criteria, or as a result of a change in Spanish legislature, jurisprudence o business practices.

If the brand Francisco de la Fuente introduces any modification, such changes will be published on this website, where users will be able to consult the brand Francisco de la Fuente’s data protection policy continually in force. In any case, relations between the brand and the user will be applied by the aforementioned processes in the precise moment at which the site is accessed.



As a general rule, any order processed by Francisco de la Fuente is a supposed acceptance of the present general conditions of sale reflected in this document. The Client acknowledges his or her responsibility to have read and understood the present general conditions of sale and to have accepted them. No differing stipulations made by the client will be accepted without the express permission of the Online Sales department of Francisco de la Fuente. Francisco de la Fuente will only accept orders made from within Spain. For order from other countries please consult. The product descriptions given online are related to their general features. An order is not definitive until accepted or confirmed by Francisco de la Fuente.


Clients are able to make orders through a variety of means:

1. Online:

2. Via email:

3. By telephone to Online Customer Services: (0034) 983 508 065


Please note that the availability of all or any products sold by Francisco de la Fuente may vary at any moment depending on online sales. We will contact the client, be it through email o or telephone, to inform them of the desired product’s availability or lack thereof. If any product is not available we will inform the client of this as soon as possible. If the estimated delivery date is too late for the client, they will have the option of cancelling the order. In such a case, we will offer the client an alternative product most suited to the client’s needs.


All prices quoted in the online product descriptions include VAT. All prices are valued in Euro (€). The price applied will be in accordance with the date and time of the order carried out by the client. All published prices are valid until the expiration of offers. Due to their specific fiscal statuses, the Canary Islands and the territory of Ceuta y Melilla will be considered as non-EU territories. Sales to these territories will not include VAT, however regular tax and customs procedures will apply as they would to non-EU countries. We are unable to fully determine the entire cost of tax paid by the client upon receipt of their order as it will depend on local customs regulations. Please inform yourself of the procedures and taxation local to your order destination (The costs of customs export and importation tax are not included in the invoice and must be paid by the client or the recipient of the goods at the destination to the relevant authorities). Postage and Packaging are included in the pricing for orders made within Spain. The company Francisdo de la Fuente reserves the right to change the prices without prior notice.


Francisco de la Fuente has arranged two payment methods: bank transfer (or deposits paid directly into our account) or credit card.

1. Bank Transfer: If you choose this method of payment you will need to supply your full name and order reference number. Goods will not be dispatched until the bank confirms a successful transaction. You can also send us a fax or email with a printed copy of a transfer made at a bank branch in order to speedily process the order. Details of our bank will appear in the email confirmation. There are two ways of practically making the payment. Either by visiting a branch of our bank (transfer commission rates will not apply), or by transferring money directly from your bank account to ours using the details given in the confirmation email. Any fees incurred by choosing this method will appear in the client’s own bank account..

2. Credit Card Payments: For the client’s ease of mind and security Francisco de la Fuente is able to receive credit card payments through PayPal. Bank details submitted are encrypted and transmitted securely to the bank’s servers and are then verified by the bank of the payee in order to avoid any possible abuses or fraudulent attempts. You can pay with a VISA or MASTERCARD credit card (you will need a security that which will be provided to you by your bank. This is your virtual key).


Francisco de la Fuente will not send any product or order until we can confirm payment via one of the methods explained above. Deliveries are dispatched from our warehouses either on the same or next day of the order (Monday to Friday). Costs of delivery cover product handling, packaging, dispatch and obligatory secure transportation of goods. Francisco de la Fuente will not make deliveries through Apartados de Correos, the State Mail provider of Spain. Deliveries will be accompanied by an invoice or an electronic document confirming the order. Francisco de la Fuente is not responsible for the actual home delivery nor the possible delay of delivery. Deliveries will be made Monday to Friday. If the client notices any anomaly with the delivery, we urge you to return the invoice indicating the anomaly and the phrase "pending countercheck". Please inform us as soon as possible, preferably within 24 hours of the delivery time (according to article 952.2 of the Spanish Legal Code of Commerce).

Francisco de la Fuente reserves the right to vary its conditions of sale at any given moment and without prior notice regarding postage and packaging. We urge you to visit this section frequently. For oversize or particularly heavy orders please consult us first. Postage and packaging are stipulated by the delivery companies contracted with Francisco de la Fuente. For deliveries within Spain: approximately 4-7 working days. Outside of Spain: Please consult us.


The Canary Islands and the territories of Ceuta y Melilla follow a different fiscal programme to that of Spain and the Balearic Islands, and are therefore considered as non-EU territories. For this reason, delivery costs, tax and customs prices are not included in the price quotes of our products and will be paid at the destination by the recipient of the order to the relevant authorities. Delivery costs will vary according to the volume of the goods. If any changes to these costs are made, the client will be notified by email to the address provided in the order asking for approval. Delivery will be considered as having been carried out in the moment that the delivery agency has placed the goods at the disposition of the client, upon signing the invoice or delivery note. It is the client’s responsibility to verify the product upon receipt and submit any inquiries or complaints which may be explained on the delivery note. If the client notices any anomaly upon receipt of the goods the client has 24 hours to send such inquiries or complaints to the delivery company. Delivery costs stipulated by Francisco de la Fuente for within Spain will appear in the course of the delivery, depending on the quantity and weight of the goods. Please consult us for delivery costs for outside of Spain.


In accordance with article 60.2.d of the Spanish Law 34/2002, passed on the 11th of July, regarding services provided by the information and electronic services society (L.S.S.I.) the procedures for finalising the consumer-producer contract are recorded.

The client who has confirmed the order through the transaction process is able to cancer the order in the following circumstances: in the event that Francisco de la Fuente does not have the product. It may be that we do not have the product requested at the time of sale, in which case we will either attempt to collect it in the shortest amount of time or select another product. The client is free to cancel the order.


In order to be able to make an order the client must be at least 18 years old.


Francisco de la Fuente reserves the right to the general sale conditions without prior notice, changing, deleting or adding either contents and services offered or the manner by which such services are offered. These changes must be accepted by the user each time a sale come into effect. For this reason clients and users must regularly check this page.

If any clause of the present general conditions of sale and contract are declared null and void or ineffective it will affect only the said part, the rest is remaining in effect, such general conditions having at their disposition such changes unless such changes affect the integral format of the general conditions of sale.


Clients and users have at their disposal complaints forms, available from the headquarters of Francisco de la Fuente.


These general conditions are in accordance with Spanish law. They are divided according to categorisation in order to clarify any queries and conflicts prior to resolution via any other jurisdiction, be it law courts or tribunals local to the company.

V.- Last updated

The present conditions were updated on 10/10/2012.